Tough Questions

Tough Questions for Pro-Choicers
Do you support abortions performed for sex selection?
Do you think a woman should be able to have ten abortions?
Do you believe that, at some point, the fetus has the features of a baby?
Do you support third trimester abortions?
Do you acknowledge that there are abortion doctors that are bad for women?
Do you think the phrase “Choice” is an effective one?
Do you think abortion clinics should be inspected regularly?
Do you support the procedure commonly referred to as the “partial birth abortion?”
If a candidate for office approached you for your vote, would you ask them if they were pro-choice?
Is it possible that a woman may in fact come to “regret” her abortion?

Tough Questions for Pro-Lifers
Do you condone or condemn the killing of doctors who perform abortions?
Many pro-lifers support abortion in cases of rape or incest.  Isn’t that still “killing a baby?”  Why should the circumstances behind the conception make a difference?
Women who use birth control generally do not get pregnant and, hence, have no need for abortion.  Do you support birth control?
Pro-lifers suggest that there are many couples that would adopt the unwanted child.  Have you personally adopted a child?
Some pro-life “counseling centers” go to great lengths to appear as if they are an actual abortion clinic.  Do you support such deception?
If a fetus was determined to have two heads, would you approve of an abortion?
Would Jesus stand out front of a clinic and scream at women as they enter the abortion facility?
Have you ever been in an abortion facility?
Do you support bringing children to a clinic protest?
Has a relative or good friend of yours had an abortion?    Have you had an abortion?
Most conservatives believe the government should stay out of people’s lives.  Isn’t it the ultimate form of government control when they tell a pregnant woman what to do with her body?

§ 3 Responses to Tough Questions

  • Teresa says:

    This list lacks balance. The questions for prolifers have many implicit (and explicit) assumptions that are unrelated to abortion (e.g. references to contraception, Jesus, and unrelated government policies). One question contains false information.

    • Alysha says:

      I mean, the questions for pro-lifers are good one if they’re related to the discussion. Contraception for example. Pro-lifers often say “if you’re not ready for a child don’t have sex” and often times just assume that someone who got pregnant was being irresponsible and didn’t use contraceptives/ birth control. So that discussion isn’t necessarily unnecessary because birth control and contraceptives reduce the risk of abortions. And if pro-lifers don’t like abortion why not support something that prevents it? Also, a lot of pro-life people bring religion into their argument. And if that’s the case why is it not fair to generate a question about Jesus?

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