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It goes without saying that, when it comes to the matter of abortion, there are people on both sides with strong held feelings.  After all, it is the most controversial issue of our time.


Abortion Issue Extremes

Abortion Issue Extremes

But here at www.abortion.info, we are concerned that it is always the extremists who seem to grab the headlines and dominate the public conversations.  Meanwhile, the vast majority of Americans seem to float around in the middle, they don’t necessarily see it as a simple black and white issue.  For example, some pro-lifers support abortions in cases of rape and incest, even though the abortion is still “killing.”  On the other hand, some pro-choice advocates support abortion only to a certain point or think that the number of abortions an individual can get should be limited.  Views are not always consistent and, at times, they are downright hypocritical.
www.abortion.info is our attempt to provide the public with as many facts and perspectives as possible on this important issue.  We have just started providing content for our tabs and in the future hope to give advocates on both sides the opportunity to provide a reasoned argument for their positions.  We will not entertain those who engage in hyperbole or who make up their own facts.  Indeed, we welcome suggestions from pro-lifers and pro-choicers on how we can make this page a useful resource for not just the involved activists but the vast majority of those who do not take an active role in the issue.  Using this page, they can then make up their own mind.

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Welcome to www.Abortion.Info, the comprehensive encyclopedia of one of the most controversial issues of our time – Abortion.

In these pages, we aim to provide information on many facets of this issue.  From the legal status of the procedure, its treatment in the media, the advocacy groups, how abortions are performed – we work diligently to address all of the aspects of this topic in an objective manner.

Abortion Opinion

Abortion Opinion

We offer this website because, while there are so many other websites available, they are usually managed by someone or some organization with an agenda.  That leads to the inevitable bias.  This site strives to be different in that we take a totally neutral view of the abortion issue by presenting information that derives from objective sources, as well as from advocates on both sides of the issue.

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